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F/W '20

For my F/W '20 collection, I was inspired by the peacock. When basing my line on the peacock, I am imagining a woman that has been more reserved and in the background shedding her image and finally gaining confidence and living in her beauty.

F/W '18

For my F/W '18 collection, I wanted to show how versatile I could be with my design style. I wanted to include lots of structure by having more form-fitting garments with thicker fabrics and adding in unique features to each look, such as different strap details and design lines throughout the garments.

F/W '19

My F/W '19 collection was originally inspired by the red and gold reversible sequined fabric. I wanted to stick with my brand of evening wear while branching out to include more versatile pieces that can be worn with other items of clothing. I wanted this collection to be a little more edgy while still being elegant.

S/S '18

My S/S '18 collection was a mini-collection that I created for Flyover Fashion Fest in Iowa City in May of 2017. I was originally inspired by the watercolor fabric. Based on the audience of this show, I created this line to be slightly more casual as opposed to by typical evening wear style.

S/S '19

My S/S '19 collection was inspired by a mystical, enchanted garden. I created each look by imagining what gowns would be worn while strolling through a mystical garden. For a color palette, I stuck with jewel tones, while incorporating different leaf and floral textures.

F/W '17

My first full collection debuted at Omaha Fashion Week in February of 2017. My inspiration was the look of flowing waterfalls, so I incorporated lots of flowing details and solid jewel tones.

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